In the world of high school basketball, few players stand out from the crowd quite like Ty Price, the sophomore guard for the Butler County High School Bears. Hailing from Morgantown, Kentucky, Price has made a name for himself as one of the top players in the state. Last night’s game against Fort Campbell only solidified his reputation.

In an 87-65 win, Price led the way for the Bears with a stunning performance. Scoring 39 points, dishing out 10 assists, recording 3 steals, and grabbing 5 rebounds, he was truly a force to be reckoned with on the court.

It’s no surprise that Price’s scoring prowess is unmatched, with a staggering average of 31.0 points per game, the third-highest in the state. Throughout the season, he has been a consistent and formidable scorer, racking up an impressive 838 points to his name. His sharp eye, quick release, and range make him a feared opponent on the court, as he sinks shots from well beyond the arc with ease.

But Ty’s impact on the game doesn’t stop with his scoring ability alone. He is also a reliable rebounder, grabbing an average of 4.1 rebounds per game and a total of 110 rebounds over the course of the season. His quick reflexes and anticipation skills make him an important asset on defense, securing possession for the Bears and creating more opportunities for scoring.

The stats tell the story of Price’s impressive skills on the court. He is second in the state in terms of the number of 3-point field goals made per game, with a phenomenal average of 4.1 made out of 10.7 attempted. He is also ranked 8th in free throw shooting, with an impressive success rate of 86.0% out of 172 attempted free throws.

Despite his scoring prowess, Price is a team player at heart. He understands the importance of team play and is always looking to create opportunities for his teammates. His dedication and focus are apparent in his ability to make the most of his opportunities and drive the team’s offensive strategy.

Morgantown is definitely not a place showcased on a map but it certainly has something to be proud of right now on the basketball court. Ty Price is a prime example of the exceptional talent that can come from small towns, and his future in basketball is undoubtedly bright. As he continues to develop his skills and gain experience on the court, there’s no doubt that he will continue to be a scoring sensation, facilitator and a reliable rebounder, further cementing his status as one of the top players in the state. His recruitment is growing with interest already from Louisville, Indiana, St. Louis, Memphis, Auburn, Mississippi State.

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